Welcome to Höörs Plåt 

Our business is development of products where sheet metal parts are included,  brand development and sales of own products. Höörs Plåt is a part of Industrigruppen HCU AB together with Cepa Steeltech AB and UBD Cleantech AB which means that we have access to production in the house. During 2015 we have presented a new, flexible drying cabinet concept based on customer needs, Flexidry Eco®. Höörs Plåt has manufactured drying cabinet since 1970 and has delivered to leading appliances suppliers. Environment and quality are some of our core values.

In focus
Once again, we have received confirmation that our new drying cabinet offers features that the market demands. At the fair Förskoledagarna in Stockholm one of our key target groups verifies that our new drying cabinet concept facilitates the daily work and solve recurring problems.